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Couples Therapy

  • Increasing effective communication
  • Restoring sexual desire and intimacy
  • Rebuilding the friendship and respect in your relationship
  • Fostering the best in each other and your relationship
  • Accepting and appreciating each other’s differences

A Different Approach

Couples therapy is an opportunity for individual growth within the relationship. Christine helps each partner learn to take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions. This in turn increases communication, desire, respect, and personal integrity. Christine has extensive experience helping both gay and straight couples.

She uses an integrative approach, which draws on the work of leading couples therapist and author of Passionate Marriage, Dr. David Schnarch, University of Washington researcher and author of Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, Dr. John Gottman, and Buddhist monk and author of Teachings on Love, Thich Nhat Hahn.

What to Expect

Many couples come to therapy with the desire to have their spouse or partner changed. They mistakenly believe their relationship problems are due in large part to the other person. They hope the therapist will see this and “fix” them. This is rarely the case. The difficulties and the rewards of the relationship are due to both partners.

A typical couples session with Christine focuses on the present and moving forward. Unlike other couples therapists, when you work with her you won't spend a lot of time going over the past. Instead you will both learn how to stop destructive individual behaviors, take positive action in the present, and begin to experience the loving relationship you both desire.

If you both are genuinely at a loss for what to do, are not ready to end your relationship, and are open to looking at how you are contributing to your relationship problems then Christine is the right couples therapist for you.