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  • Exploring the possibility of creating the life you have always wanted
  • Designing a more satisfying and balanced approach to living your life
  • Implementing strategic steps to achieve your goals today

A Practical Approach

As your life coach Christine's goal is to help you manifest the best in yourself, your life and your relationships. Her approach is a four steps process of listening, clarifying, strategizing and acting. Christine starts the coaching process by listening closely to what you say. Christine's past clients have commented on how intently she listens to you. This is why she will first ask you questions about yourself and then listen to your responses before she provides any specific feedback or guidance.

She then will help you clarify and prioritize the areas in your life that you would like to change. Next, the two of you together will develop a strategic plan with identifiable and achievable goals. Finally, with Christine's support and regular guidance you will start to experience real progress by feeling more confident and completing your goals.

Because of the convenience of phone sessions (no travel time, no parking hassles) most coaching clients choose to access these services via the phone. However, Christine is also available to meet coaching clients face to face.

Coaching Benefits

  • Focused Energy: Working with a personal coach will help focus your thinking, energy and actions towards achieving your specified goals. Helping you remain focused on your specified goals is one of Christine’s strengths.
  • Increased Commitment: When working alone on your goals it is easy to not follow through. Research has shown that if you have committed to do something and supportive person is aware of your commitment then you are more likely to follow through with it. Working with a personal coach will increase the strength of your commitment and the achievement of your goals. 
  • Quicker Results: You will accomplish your goals more quickly than you would have on your own with the help of an effective personal coach such as Christine. You will also accomplish more of your goals in less time than if you were working on them on alone. 
  • Staying Power: A personal coach can help you remain motivated when otherwise you might give up on taking action towards your goals. An effective coach will help you remain connected to your enthusiasm and help you generate the energy needed to take action.

Issues Addressed

  • Stress
  • Life / Work Balance
  • Optimal Wellness
  • Creativity
  • Life Purpose